EV Chargers

The Number of EV Chargers in the UK Consistently On The Rise

New data from Zap-Map indicates that electric vehicles are becoming much more accessible, with more EV chargers being installed up and down the UK. In fact, in July 2021 over 500 new electric vehicle charges were installed.

The Need For New Electric Vehicle Charges

One worry for people interested in investing in an electric vehicle is how they’ll be able to make long journeys work. After all, what if there isn’t a charger in a convenient place on your route? Well, there are now over 25,000 chargers in the UK, which means that wherever you are travelling to, there is likely to be an electric charging point to suit your needs.

Zap-Map recently looked into the number of electric charging points across the UK and how these have changed over recent years. Their research found that between 2016 and 2020 there was an increase of 220% in the number of publicly accessible electric vehicle chargers.

What Type of Chargers Are There?

As with any product, there are different brands of electric vehicle charging points with Ubitricity having a 14.7% share of all the UK charging points. Pod Point at 12.5%, BP Pulse at 11% and ChargePlace Scotland at 7.6% follow behind.

However, when you break this down into rapid charging points things are very different. There are 4,675 rapid charging points across the UK; of which 15.9% are owned by Tesla Supercharge. BP Pulse isn’t far behind with 15.5% and InstaVolt has 12.7%.

Although there are electric vehicle charging points in 15,875 locations across the UK, only 3020 of these are rapid charging points. When you consider that 30.3% of these are in London, but only 7.2% of them are located in the South West, where you are travelling definitely has an impact on the charging options that will be available to you.

This is something that an electric vehicle owner should take into account when it comes to planning a journey. It’s important to take into account how long your vehicle will take to charge and this will depend very much on the type of charger being used.

Planning Your Journey

An increase in the number of electric vehicle charging points across the UK can only be a good thing; however, you do still need to tailor your journey accordingly – especially if you want to take advantage of rapid charging points.

The good news is that Zap-Map is working on making this as easy as possible. They have recently turned up with Advanced Infrastructure, a carbon data science firm. They’re looking to develop a low carbon route tracker which is bound to make the life of an electric vehicle owner just that little bit easier.

That said, if electric vehicle charger installation continues to grow in the same way it has since 2016 then it will soon be as easy as stopping for petrol to charge your electric vehicle and that is a great step forward.