OLEV Approved Installation

What is the OLEV grant?

It is a government grant brought into play to encourage people to switch to low emission vehicles in order to combat climate change. You could be entitled to up to £3,000 off the RRP of your electric vehicle, and up to £350 off the installation of your EV home charger. 

Are you eligible?

In order to be eligible for the grant, the following must apply.

  • Your car was purchased after October 2016, or you will be purchasing it within 4 months of charge point installation.
  • Your electric vehicle is on OLEVs list of approved vehicles
  • You have off-street parking e.g. driveway or garage
  • Your charger is installed by an OLEV approved installer (us)


If these apply, get your online quote and book your installation now!

Proof of ownership

As we are an OLEV approved installer, you don’t have to do anything in order to make the claim, we will take care of it. All we do need is proof of ownership to show OLEV that you own, or are the primary driver of an eligible vehicle. 

Here’s the documents we need (depending on your ownership):

  • Outright Owner – Copy of V5C (pages 1 and 2) or proof of order
  • Personal Lease – Full lease agreement
  • Company Car Driver – Letter from employer
  • Salary Sacrifice – Letter from employer or vehicle provider