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Is Getting An Electric Vehicle The Right Thing For Me?

As more and more of us look to the future and trade up from fossil fuel cars, electric car charging is something we are now considering in our daily lives. One of the first changes you will notice owning an electric car is that we no longer need to be tied to a petrol station. Our cars do still need to be replenished with energy, this comes in the form of electricity. So, much like our mobile phones, electric vehicles require recharging.

This can be achieved through publicly available charging networks, or even those primarily dedicated to your chosen make of EV. But to make the most of the benefits an electric vehicle can offer, you will want to be able to charge your electric car at home.

This means you are going to need a home EV charger installation.

Getting A Home Charger For Your Electric Vehicle

EV home chargers are installed by OLEV approved installers, like ourselves. OLEV approved installers have the skills and knowledge needed to insure your new EV charger installation provides the fuss-free charging solution you need.

The charger needs to be installed in a suitable location in your home. Electrical supplies of a suitable capacity need to be cabled to the location of the charger. Suitable cabling provided to connect from your electric car charger to your vehicle’s location, an OLEV approved installer is going to have the answers you need to make this happen.

Most charger installations at home consist of a pod type wall-mounted charger and suitable permanently installed power supply cabling. A plug-in lead is then used to connect the charging point on your car to the wall-mounted charger.

 Can I Afford A Home Charger Installation?

If this is all sounding expensive, you may be in for a pleasant surprise. The cost of an EV charger installation, in the grand overall picture of financial ownership of an electric car, is one of the smaller costs. There are even government grants available specifically for EV home charger installation.

Currently, up to £350 is given towards the costs. Eligibility for the grant requires that your car was bought more recently than October 2016, or you intend to buy it within the 4 months following your EV charger installation.

Secondly, that you have a garage, driveway or other off-street parking. And finally, that the electric car charger is installed by an OLEV installer, like us.

 The Benefits of An Electric Vehicle Charger at Home

With busy lifestyles, the need to charge an electric car can leave you having to make time in your schedule. With an EV home charger installation, the occurrence of this will be few and far between.

You will be able to charge your electric car without actively taking time from your schedule. You are also freed from the constraints of having to rely on a charging network. As your car is recharging at home, your time is free to get on with life.

This invisible smoothness of always knowing your electric car is charged and ready to go, takes much of the hassle away from electric car ownership, leaving you to enjoy environmentally friendly, convenient transport, just like the electric car promised all along.