EV Travel

How To Plan a Journey with an EV

Whenever you’re going on a road trip it’s important to plan in advance and get your car ready for the journey. Traditionally this might have been making sure your car has enough oil, however with an EV it means making sure you know what you’re going to do about charging along the way. Of course, whatever vehicle you’re driving on your trip you’re going to want to make sure the tyres have been checked, you have enough water etc. – but what other plans should you be making for EV travel?

Plan Your Route

The likes of Sat Nav and Google Maps are great but it’s a good idea to have a look at the route in advance. This allows you to plan things like rest breaks and avoiding certain types of roads when they are likely to be busy. With EV travel you should also be thinking about how far you’re going to be able to travel without having to stop and charge your vehicle.

Work out a Charging Schedule

When looking at a route for electric vehicle travel, one of the most important things to consider is your charging schedule – how and when you are going to charge your vehicle. When doing this you should always allow for a charging point sooner than you think you’ll need it – after all, what happens if you get stuck in traffic? This is why having an EV charger installed at home can be beneficial, so you can fully charge before your journey.

Which EV Charging Stations Will You Use?

The good news is that there are plenty of EV charging stations dotted around so finding ones to use shouldn’t be too hard. Planning in advance is most certainly recommended but apps such as PodPoint and ZapMap are useful to have on your phone just in case too. Consider how much charging time you’re going to need depending on the type of charging point you are going to use. It is also a good idea to look up in advance how to use each of the stations – do you need to pay and if so, what payment methods do they accept? How many charging points do they have and are they all likely to be in use at the time you are likely to arrive?

Planning For All Eventualities

The best advice that can be given for any long journey in an electric vehicle is to make sure you’re highly organised. Planning for all eventualities is one way to have peace of mind that your journey will run as smoothly as possible. So, make sure your phone is well charged so that you can use any apps you need – this could be finding a different charging point or making payment for a charging point you have used. Never allow your charge to go below 20% before you’re on your way to the next charge point.

Always allow extra time for long journeys, because as well as needing to stop and use charging points you might need to wait for one to become available or it might not charge as quickly as you expected.

Using an electric vehicle is a really cost-effective way to go on a long journey, but an EV journey might just take a little bit more organisation to ensure you get to your chosen destination on time and with as little stress as possible.