Apps for EV Driver

Apps Every EV Driver in the UK Need

Technology is a really wonderful thing and something that all drivers should embrace, whether they’re an EV driver or not. However, if you are someone that drives electric vehicles then having a handful of apps is a must – especially if you’re planning a long journey; here are some recommendations.

The App For Your Car

It is likely that your car has an app that has been designed and put together by the vehicle manufacturer. This app lets you do things like check whether your battery needs charging and even start the charging for your car remotely. Some of them have extra features including setting the temperature of your car before you get in – so you never have to get into a car that feels like an oven or ice box again.

Apps For Navigating

Whether you’re an EV driver or not, apps for helping you navigate are a must. There are loads to choose from but ones like Google Maps or Waze that give you live traffic updates are recommended. This will let you see whether there is a build-up of traffic coming up on your journey and look at alternative routes to allow you to avoid this and as such, avoid any potential delays.

Making Sure You Can Always Charge Your Car

If you’re going on a long journey then having access to various places to charge your car is a must. You might well know all of the charging points that are local to you, but if you’re travelling further afield then an app to help with this is a must. There are several to choose from, you might even opt to have a couple of them on your smart device at the same time just in case. Apps that work well for this include OpenChargeMap and ZapMap. EV Hotels is also a useful one because it lets you see which hotels with EV chargers are in a particular area, great for if you have to make a journey to somewhere you’re not familiar with.

Ensuring Electric Vehicle Chargers are Accessible

As well as knowing where the chargers are, as an EV driver, you’ll also want to make sure you can access them when you get there. Different electric vehicle chargers are installed and maintained by different brands, so knowing which you’re going to can help. Generally speaking, InstaVolt and PodPoint should give you everything you need when it comes to logging in and paying for using any electric vehicle charging points. If you have a Tesla then the Tesla charging point app is a must.

If you’re planning any long journey then it is wise to look in advance and be as organised a possible, however with these apps you have peace of mind that even if you’re unorganised, or things don’t go to plan you’re still going to be able to access any facilities you need to charge your car and complete your journey – just make sure that your smartphone has enough battery to be able to access the apps when you need them.