Electricity Tariffs for EV Charging

A Guide to UK Electricity Tariffs for Charging Your EV

A Guide to UK Electricity Tariffs for Charging Your EV

There is no doubt that running an electric vehicle is cost-effective, however, the price that you pay for electricity definitely makes a difference when it comes to charging your EV. In fact, if you haven’t shopped around for a new electricity tariff recently then it is something you most certainly should add to your to-do list. If you’re considering an EV charger installation, then knowing how much you’re paying for your electricity is essential. 

Shopping Around For Your Utilities

Gas and electricity aren’t something that we tend to shop around for, but we definitely should. Every electricity company has their own tariffs and deals which means that even if you wish to stay with the company you’re currently paying, you might not be on the best deal with them. Electricity suppliers aren’t obliged to make sure that you are on the most cost-effective package with them, so it is certainly something you should keep an eye on if you don’t want to pay more than you need to for electricity.

The thing to remember is that all of your electricity comes from the same place and reaches your home in the same way. So, switching to a cheaper tariff doesn’t mean your electricity supply will go down in quality or that you’ll receive a less reliable service – the only thing that changes is the bill you receive for how much you have used each money.

Shopping Around for Tariffs

If you have an electric vehicle then you should make sure you are on the best possible electricity tariff to ensure that charging your car is as affordable as possible. One of the first things to consider is when you use the most electricity – so for example when you are most likely to charge your car. 

For lots of people, this is overnight. So you will want to keep an eye on what the off-peak charges are for electricity within your tariff, as this is often much more affordable than using it during the day.

It isn’t just electric vehicles that could be more cost-effective being charged at night. 

Good Electricity Tariffs For Electric Car Charging

Always shop around to see what deals are available – you may even be able to get a welcome bonus or some cashback from certain sites

If you’re going to have an EV home charger, you’ll want to know that this is working as cost effectively as possible for you. Some great electricity deals at the moment include:

  • Octopus – Peak is 13.99p/kWh and 5p/kWh off-peak. They often give welcome bonuses when you join, including a cute cuddly toy.
  • EDF – Peak is 17.81p/kWh and 4.5p/kWh off-peak. As a bonus, if you lease your electric vehicle through EDF you’ll get 10,000 free miles worth of charge.
  • E.On Charge – Peak is 21.91p/kWh and 11.55p/kWh off-peak. This isn’t E.On’s cheapest tariff but does come with 850miles of charge free each year.
  • OVO Energy – Peak is 17.78p/kWh and 10.33p/kWh off-peak. You can Polar Plus Membership included in your tariff.
  • British Gas – Peak is 17.41p/kWh and 4.7p/kWh off peak. 

As you can see the amount you pay each of these providers varies massively, but so does the amount you pay during the day compared to off-peak. It is well worth considering ways to ensure your electric vehicle is charged overnight if possible, as this is likely to save you a significant sum of money over a year.

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